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Auto Turbo - Automatic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

Delivers optimum performance and efcient work productivity in an amazingly compact unit. New technology use internally geared motor which provide mould running powerful and long years span life. from product manufacturing to collecting and counting and delivers a perfect combination of manufacturing technology. Supreme quality. Strong output handling capabilities.

Auto Turbo 2 - Automatic Double Die Paper Plate Machine

Delivering exceptional speed and quality in an amazingly compact unit. Two moulds are installed in the machine, you can produce two size of paper plates in the same time or let the two moulds to get the double speed. Effortless usability with maximum productivity and efficiency. Simply professional. Amazingly flexible.

Auto Turbo Pro - Automatic Three Die Paper Plate Machine

The machine is basically by considering the current problem of expensive computer controlled paper plate making machines. Production rate of proposed paper plate machine is high as compare with the existing auto turbo model. Equipped with remotely programmable control, frequency control technology to realize the integral multi-dimensional control.

Auto Hydrau - Auto Hydraulic Three Roll Paper Plate Machine

It developed and researched in order to meet the market requirement. It has equipped with the automatic collection device, which makes it has the functions of automatic pneumatic suction paper feeding, automatic thermoforming, the disc and constant temperature control, automatic counting, etc.

Auto Hydrau 2 - Auto Hydraulic Five Roll Paper Plate Machine

The Next Evolution. Smart gateway to the new workstyle. Designed according to the specific needs of customers, mainly for the production of large size. Quality with Versatility. Smooth running, big pressure and low noise are obviously remarked as herringbone gear input and helical gear output mechanism is adopted.

Machinery | Pet Bottle

MASTER PRO - N95|KN95 Face Mask Machine

N95 mask machine is a machine used for the production of N95/KN95 masks. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3 to 5 layers of PP nonwoven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials.

Super Pet - Up to 1ltr - Semi Auto Pet Bottle Machine

Shape in 1:The machine body frame was built by 2 pieces of thicker iron plate and optical axis. Without welding, higher precision, running stability, long service life.

Super Pet Pro - Up to 2ltr - Semi Auto Pet Bottle Machine

Stretch-blow Molding machine is newly designed and reformed on previous experiences of our manufacture (with great development on the aspect of 2-in-1 cylinder structure, new model mold -clocked set and automatic voltage-regulating set of temperature controller of reheating unit).

MASTER PRO - 2/3/4PLY Surgical Face Mask Machine

This equipment is mainly composed of plane mask punching machine and plane ear-band welding machine, which is mainly used for the manufacture of disposable masks.