Yes! The Global-Machinery delivers and manufactured the home-based machinery which required household’s electricity (single phase) to operate except pet bottle making machines.

Well, all you need is little investment, little time, few operators (depends on machine’s category), electricity and minimum 8×8 space to operate and produce.

Ummmm!  Well this is again depending on which machine you want it to purchase, usually paper plate making machine requires 1-2 manpower while pet bottle making machine and face mask making machine requires 3-4 manpower.

Yes! Usually we supply raw material as per customer demand, its completely upon you that how much time you want it give your work.

We don’t sell raw material; we only supply raw material optional with the order contract only for buyback purpose.

We provide our customers 10 years warranty which includes (applicable only with order contract) monthly maintenance support and repairs free of cost.

The investment for installation is just machine’s cost along with 18% GST. We will not take any advance or security deposit for supply of raw material for buyback purpose.

Usually its take 15-20 working days from date of order to deliver you your order.

We charge zero for delivery. We believe in deliver you little extra with every purchase such as includes free delivery.

Ladies is not less than any man these days and by putting them in mind we designed and developed our machinery easy in operation

The order contract is the opportunity for peoples who doesn’t have marketing knowledge and who all are new in any of machine’s field. For further kindly download and read the order contract.

As we told you we don’t sell raw material, we only supply raw material for buyback purpose every first week of month in advance for upcoming 30 days as per required production by our customers

We’ll send transportation once every ten days to your premises/factory for collecting the finished goods, we will pay you the charges mentioned as per buyback rate at the same time before collecting the finished goods product.

You can find the purchase rate for the buyback in our general catalogue. You can download it here.

We offer our customers 10 years order contract.

No, its sounds exactly like your washing machine.

Three phase are only required for pet bottle making machine.

We have already presented order contract for giving you assurance about your returns but in case if you don’t want run the business of manufacturing because of any reason buyer can terminate the order contract during first six month and also eligible to get 100% refund of investment except 18% GST. Find more information on order contract.

Download here

Within 7 days of delivery of every machine we provide 10-15 days training to the buyer at his/her premises/factory.